Saturday, March 28, 2009

Envirosax giveaway winners!

I was so amazed and excited to see how many giveaway entry comments I received for the Envirosax bags! A huge thank you to everyone! There were so many great comments and it was really hard to pick.

Here are the two winners...

Because I thought it was so creative to write a poem... here is the first winner...

I'd take jars of red jelly to eat on the moon
And peaches to suck as I fly past the sun,
Plenty of choc bars for shooting past stars,
And cupcakes to give to my new friends on Mars,
I'd gaze back at the earth, and smile and relax
'Cos I'm carrying my snacks in Envirosax!
By vic, at 24/3/09 9:27 AM

And because #1 you gotta feel bad for her and #2 kudos for being brave enough to talk about her big pink hemmorroid pillow... here is the second winner...

It looks so cute and just the right size for my pillow, by big pink rubber round donut pillow, that I just got for my broken butt :-) Fractured my tailbone and they tell me not to sit for a few the heck do you do that? So I go get a big stinky rubber pillow and notice they try to make it look prettier by having a flower design around the edge...but really I don't want to have to explain to everyone why I'm carrying a big pink hemmorroid pillow with me everywhere I go, so pick me! :-)
By Kendra, at 24/3/09 12:19 PM

Vic and Kendra... can you email me at ljcfyimail AT so I can get your shipping info?

Congrats and thank you everyone!!!

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