Monday, April 13, 2009

Pet of the Week

I think I would have to call Dart, Mr. Pink Nose. The web site says he is very soft. He does have that look on his face "Go on... touch me... I'm soft."

Dart #7272173

Dart is a 4-year-old male cat who was found as a stray. He has a beautiful, soft coat and amber-colored eyes. We don’t know a lot about Dart’s history, but he is a very friendly cat. He loves being petted and getting head and chin scratches! Dart would make a wonderful companion and a loyal friend.


  1. That's my dad's name. Not Mr. Pink Nose, but Dart. How funny is that?

  2. He is adorable, reminds me of my cat J.R. I had while in college - sweetest cat ever. Met an untimely demise. After that, none of my cats were allowed outside. If my sis weren't allergic, I'd snatch him up in a minute!