Friday, May 15, 2009

New Starbucks cup

Now that it is warming up outside I am switching from my Starbucks hot white chocolate mocha to iced mocha coffee. Aaron got me this reusable cup with double walls that doesn't get moisture on the outside. I love it! Problem is I can suck down one of these babies in about 3 minutes flat.


  1. love the cup. i've been coveting one for a while - please tell me that aaron bought this for you recently!

  2. If you haven't gotten one yet Julie, good luck! At the store where I work, we got 25 grande size and 10 venti size in. The ventis were gone in 2 days, the grandes in 6 - and we haven't gotten them back in because the distribution center is out already! I expect to see them on ebay for some ridiculous price before too long.

  3. i bought one for my sis and i since i saw them once and fell in love then missed the boat. Next time they were in the store - i picked them up knowing that the 5 they had in the store would be gone in 2 hours.
    I didn't know they had two sizes! I think I got venti :)

  4. julie - yes he just got it for me. They had them last year and we didn't jump on them fast enough - they were gone in a flash.

    I didn't realize there were two different sizes!