Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vintage Cookbook

My mom found this really old cookbook. It has some interesting recipes in it...

... but what I really love are the handwritten recipes on the back of the pages.

Who wouldn't want to try a Rolly Polly, Fat Cake or Sugar Pie?!


  1. That recipe for Fat Cakes has only one teaspoon of flour, and 5 eggs! How does that even make cake?

  2. jackpot! I love when people donate books to the library and we find old recipe books! the bad thing is having to draw straws with coworkers to see who gets it :)

  3. I love old cookbooks. My Mum has one with really vague directions like, "bake in a hot oven" and "make a fritter batter". I guess housewives of yesteryear knew how to do this stuff without extraneous instructions. Me, I need details.