Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have been looking at sprouters for awhile and I finally settled on this one. I figured how could I go wrong with EasySprouter - The easiest sprouter ever!

The first seeds I tried were alfalfa sprouts.

It really was easy.

We ate some of the sprouts with avocado and tomato in pita pockets. Next up... bean sprouts!


  1. Wow, yours turned out so nice! I have one called, Kitchen Sprouter. I've tried to grow alfalfa sprouts three different times and they never turn out. I follow the directions precisely, but they always stay way too moist and then get moldy and stink. Yuck! Very frustrating.

  2. Oh! My mom used to sprout all the time. Now I buy...but its not the same. And I'm craving a pita with sprouts and avacado.

  3. You should also give sunflower sprouts a try. They're pretty amazing.