Monday, August 31, 2009

Wegman's Ultimate White Cake!

I just tried the new Wegman's Ultimate White Cake. If you think they couldn't top the Ultimate Chocolate Cake, think again. I got a little one (I love the wee size) and it tastes like WEDDING CAKE! I love wedding cake. If I was getting married again I would seriously consider getting a Wegmam's Ultimate White Cake for my wedding cake and I'm not even kidding.

By the way @Wegmans is now on Twitter. You can tell them how much you love their cake.


  1. I was tempted by those when I was home this weekend but didn't buy one because we were making a cake for my dad's birthday. It looks awesome! I'll be in Rochester again in a few weeks. The Ultimate White Cake will be mine! :-)

  2. btw - Wegmans did the catering for our wedding. I'm sure you could trust them for your anniversary cake. Our out-of-town guests raved about the food.

  3. I live in St. Louis, MO and we don't have Wegman's. Feeling so left out. hohum....