Sunday, August 8, 2010

BlogHer Sessions

Here are the sessions I went to at BlogHer and what I learned at them.

Fight Spam and Hackers! Plugging Security Holes in Your Social Media Life

- change your password.... often

- protect your email the most, it holds the key to all your other logons

- when you start off your slides with a picture of kick butt superheroines you have everyone's attention

How to Edit Your Pictures and Make Them 10x Better

- take good pictures in the first place, don't rely on photoshop

- don't get sucked into photo trends

Grief, Loss, Tragedy and Community on the Internet

- you should always carry tissues with you when you attend a session with the words "grief", "loss" or "tragedy" in the title

Humor Writing

- a session about humor is a good one to attend after a session on grief, loss and tragedy.


  1. love your snippets from BlogHer :) keep 'em coming, pretty please.

  2. I thought it was funny how the photo trend example he brought up was the beautiful diffuse photos of Dooce and how people were punching it up so that all that you could see was these light marshmallows instead of people;)

  3. I loved that Humor Writing session--those ladies were hilarious.

    It was so nice to meet you at BlogHer. Hope to see you next year!