Monday, August 9, 2010

Exhibitors at BlogHer10

There were two huge halls of exhibitors at BlogHer. I checked them out during breaks.

I met the Pillsbury Doughboy (aka Poppin' Fresh). He squealed if you poked his belly. I did... of course. *poke poke*

I met Bruce Jenner, courtesty of Tropicana.

And I met the Jimmy Dean sun. (I also ate two or three of the sausages wrapped in pancakes on a stick) I can't pass up food on a stick.

My favorite booths were the ones that featured natural foods like the National Honey Board, Got Milk and Eggland's Best. I even won an Eggland's Best goody bag for checking into their booth on FourSquare.

And guess what I found out? Back when I blogged about Bausch + Lomb's new clear bottle design people wondered if a clear bottle would let sunlight in, which would encourage algae and fungus to grow in the solution. When I saw the Bausch + Lomb folks at BlogHer I asked them if this was true. They said "nope". So that is that.


  1. I should have squeezed the Pillsbury doughboy instead of just waving!

  2. Bruce jenner looks like he's a wax statue.. LOL!

  3. Huh, I wouldn't have even thought to ask about stuff growing in the bottle because isn't saline solution sterile? Anyway, glad to know it won't sprout watermelons in my eyes. :D Looks like the conference was a blast.