Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Scholls sandals

Remember Dr. Scholls sandals? My mom had a pair when I was a kid. They still make them and they come in a lot of cool colors!

I have been wanting a pair for awhile now and I finally broke down and got these cute red heart suede ones as a "good job practicing your violin everyday" gift to myself. One fell off in the movie theatre tonight and Aaron thought I broke the handle off the seat. *clunk clunk*


  1. I always wanted a pair of those when I was little (I loved sandals ~ especially ones that made noise!). But I never had a pair. Didn't know they made such cool colors!

  2. Cute!!!

    I have these but haven't worn them in ages!

  3. Ohh I love those. When I was a little girl I loved the sound they made (VERY appealing for a little girl- closest thing to high heels I got!) and I also loved the feeling of them "slapping" my heels when I walked in them, if that makes any sense. It was all very satisfying and noisy.

    I bet my four year old would love some. Must get her some... better than her clunking around in the plastic high heel "dress up" shoes she insists on wearing around the house when she wants us to PAY ATTENTION!

    What movie did you see?

  4. i have three pairs. they are the absolute LOUDEST when you are walking down stairs.

  5. Yes, they are very clonky. I love the Paul Frank ones! We were watching Get Him to the Greek when my shoe fell off.

  6. Hello,

    I also love very noisy sandals, I love sandals who make loud puffing / hissing ore whooshing noise as I walk ore stand in them.
    I always looking for sandals who make lots off noise during walking ore standing.
    My favorite brands are ( Softwalk - Walking Cradles - Born ) these sandals have A thick padded insole/footbed.
    I always do make a vent tube in the insole/footbed so that the air can go even faster in and out the footbed/insole.
    That vent tube make even more air puffing/hissing/whooshing noise.
    I love to hear my sandals loud puffing noise making during walking, and I also love to wear them during shoping and at work.

  7. By marcy
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