Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Remember last month when I posted this picture of a scooter I saw at Chautauqua? After a little poking around it turns out it is an Amish Scooter. You can buy them on this website - but they are made on an Amish farm.

Around the time I posted that picture @laserone sent me a link to these Kickbikes.

I think these look fascinating! I would love to try one. Well, really I would love to be able to say things like "I'm kickin' it outta here!" and go zipping away.

They also have Kickspark Sleds - but I'm not going to talk about those yet... winter is still far off!


  1. Thank you! I saw someone tooling around Portland on that second style of Kickbike and I didn't know what it was called or how to explain it to my husband. Cool!

  2. i'm guessing you don't go uphill on one of these? heh...

  3. I saw one the other day in NYC. What is the advantage of this over a scooter? or razor?