Monday, August 16, 2010

Popsicles are the new black

Maybe everyone is trying to hold onto the last days of summer like I am, but there seems to be a surge in the popularity of popsicles. I have been seeing them everywhere.

Williams Sonoma offers the Zoku. At first I thought it seemed a little over the top for simple popsicles but then I read that you prechill the unit and then it makes popscicles in 7 minutes. You can use it three times before you have to freeze it again. I don't quite understand how that works, but it's fascinating and very cute.

Check out these space age - yet nostalgic looking stainless steel popsicle molds. They make popsicles that look like rocket pops.

There are popsicle bars popping up. Popbar in NYC has popsicles made from gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

And look at some of the flavors they offer at Locopop in North Carolina! Mojito, pomegranite tangerine, strawberries and cream!

If you want to make your own the old school way there are some tempting recipes out there. I am intrigued by paletas or Mexican ice pops. These can be savory or sweet. I would like to try all of these... peach and honey, cucumber, lime & chile.... and mango chile.

Saveur had a great article about these paletas also. They mention rice pudding pops which sound intriquing.

Another recipe I would like to try are these spicy fudgesicles.

So many posicles so little time.


  1. I love Locopops!!! The flavors you're showing are actually the "regular flavors", if you go to the store they usually have even more crazy stuff like lavender cream, cardamom... one summer they even had sweet corn! LOL. They even have "dogsicles" which are made out of chicken stock. Seems you can make just about any flavor into a popsicle. :)

  2. Wegmans had Popsicle molds early in the summer - and with all the Popsicle mentions all over the web I cannot take it any more i need to make some for myself. However it seems everyone else in Rochester was thinking the same thing and they are nowhere to be found! If you find some locally please post.

  3. We love the Zoku popsicles. Add your favorite juice(s) and popsicle stick and you have a frozen pop in 9 minutes. It's great because our 3 yo nephew loves it!. A favorite in our house is pomegranate or lemonade/cranberry.

  4. The zoku sounds incredibly intriguing. Especially after Marissa's comment.

    I didn't get any pops in NYC but I've been craving something fudgecicle-y.