Monday, October 25, 2010

Front yard mushrooms

Aaron and I were working out in the yard when I noticed lots of little mushrooms around a big old tree.

I have no idea what kind they are but they are cute.

Someone on twitter said they look like fairy houses.

The more I looked, the more clusters I found. I love mushrooms!


  1. We have those too! I love them because they make me picture a tiny world around them. I love the first picture! Ground umbrella for ants =) lol

  2. Great photos. Alas... not so many mushrooms where I live in Texas... Sigh.. and not much fall either....

  3. Just be careful that the adorable doggie or kittie don't get into them. They have an attraction to mushrooms and it can have an unfortunate outcome :o(

  4. Echoing what Stacey B said above ... my friend's puppy ate a mushroom from their yard last month, and unfortunately passed away after a very dramatic 48 hour ordeal. Keep an eye on your little furry friends!

  5. Stewie never goes outside - he is an inside cat. Our front yard is not fenced in so he doesn't go out there unsupervised.