Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Stamps

If anyone out there is fond of stamps... I mean... likes to buy cute stamps and put them in a book... y'know not like a collection or anything but... anyhow there are some cool stamps coming out this year.

Pixar movie stamps! I love the aliens.

And industrial designer tribute stamps. Perfect storm of design geekiness meets stamp nerdiness. *swoon*


  1. I adore design-related stamps. I'm still hoarding a sheet or two of Eames stamps!

  2. Be still my heart. I love the Pixar stamps. I always buy the cute stamps and then feel bad when I actually have to use them. Maybe, ahem, I could possibly consider collecting them. Gasp!

  3. Industrial design + Pixar stamps. Has the USPS been reading my mind???