Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cake is Love blog

There has been talk for awhile now that blogs are on the decline. I can see how Facebook and Twitter might be taking some of the traffic... and perhaps the adoption rate has plateaued... even though it seems like there are an awful lot of Tumblr sites out there.

It is true that I don't add very many new blogs to my RSS reader. I don't know if that is due to there being fewer new blogs or if I am more selective with my shrinking amount of time to read blogs.

Once in awhile I find one that I just have to add... but even rarer is it someone I know. I was very excited to see my friend Meredith, who is living in the Netherlands start a blog, Cake is Love. She is an inspiring baker/cook and an entertaining writer.

Her posts are amusing and the food photos drool-worthy. I feel like she is so much closer now with this little peek into her life! That is why I still love blogs!


  1. Off topic but . . . your header makes me smile. I keep imagining your cat at the window watching it shaking his head sipping warm hot cocoa. *smile*

  2. I don't think blog reading in on the decline, I think that blog writing is. I know bloggers I have read for over 10 years are not updating as much, not that I blame them, they don't owe me anything. Instead they post on Facebook or Twitter. I think that people who read blogs like blog entries, although I am just speaking for myself. I know I have no desire to follow someone on Facebook. Thanks for the link, I will be checking that out! Plus, thank you for being someone who continues to update regularly, I find all your entries very soothing.

  3. Maureen - thanks so much! It's good to hear that there is someone out there reading! : )

  4. I think probably new blogs (what I call "long form") may be declining a little. Lots of people seem to find the shorter forms more manageable. I'm keeping mine up because my family raises a ruckus if I don't post at least weekly, and somehow the sort forms don't satisfy me either.

    That said, I don't get around to all the blogs I like as often as I used to because it cuts into my time too much. I like seeing a twitter post or two in between my visits to the blogs to remind me of why I like the authors so much.