Monday, January 23, 2012

Whoopie Pies Take 2

Honestly at this point I don't know what is up with me vrs whoopie pies. I gave it another go yesterday with mixed results.

I followed my mom's recipe to the smallest detail yet I ended up with pale, ghostly whoopie pies. Not chocolatey enough!

PS - Do not stare too closely at my baking sheet. It will hypnotize you. No, actually it is an awesome baking sheet Aaron got me for Christmas and I cannot express how amazing it is. Nothing sticks to it.

After some alterations, the chocolate level seemed right but then my whoopies were poofy and crackling.

I finally ended up with a few that seemed ok. I called this one "Big Whoop".

The big winner here is Aaron - 'cause he thinks they taste just fine.

I'm not giving up whoopies! I'll try again another day!


  1. Could it be that your oven is running hotter than what you set it? Or that you could move them from the oven a minute sooner?

  2. Not sure this will help but I saw this pin: and it links to a good blog post where she checked all her measuring cups and it was very interesting.

  3. Cook's Country's Whoopie Pies are my go to recipe.