Monday, July 23, 2012


One of the first things I think of when I think of Hawaii is a luau - so I was pretty keen on going to one. Thankfully many people recommended it too.

Everything was so picturesque. They did a fishing demonstration with a hula dance on the beach during sunset.

There were stations where you could learn to make flower leis or throw a spear. (Note the Hawaiian shirt!)

I made a flower headress and wore it all night.

Then everyone gathered around to see a royal procession and watch the pig be pulled out of the hot coals. As Aaron said - "They cook a pig and dance about it."

After dinner the dancing began. One amazing routine after the other.

This was a wedding hula.

The most exciting dance was the fire dance.

We did notice at the end he had a burn on his stomach. Ouch.


  1. Nice use of light in the first image.

  2. God that's gorgeous. I want your life.

  3. Beautiful people =)

  4. you look so pretty in the headdress! thank you so much for posting these pictures of hawaii and for letting us into your life. i feel like i was there :)