Thursday, September 13, 2012

Klout Perks: Starbucks Refreshers

I just got the first shipment in a round of of Starbucks Klout Perks. A can of Starbucks Refreshers... raspberry pomegranate. When I was traveling recently I got a packet of the Refreshers Via mix. I didn't like it as well as the Refreshers you get freshly made in Starbucks but it was very convenient to pop a packet in a bottle of water on an airplane. I was curious to try the canned version compared to the fresh and the Via powder.

I would say it doesn't taste as good as getting it fresh at Starbucks but it is peppier than the powdered version. Since Refreshers have green coffee extract aka caffeine, it makes a nice afternoon pick-me-up for when you don't want another cup of coffee. I know a few people that like caffeine but don't like coffee that would appreciate these also.

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