Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chop chop

I've been growing my hair for a long time. It was starting to get in my way and I was up for a change.

So chop chop! Now I have a 12 inch locks of love donation...

... and a kicky new hair cut! My head feels ten pounds lighter.


  1. That`s a bold move :) Must feel great to cut of that length of hair! Hope to see a full hair-picture soon :)

  2. I thought you couldn't donate chemically treated hair.

  3. Cute!
    I just chopped all mine off the other day, too.

  4. Anon - only a small part of the inside of my hair was dyed - about 3 inches and a small chunk at the nape of my neck. That can be separated out. The rest has never been chemically treated.