Thursday, January 3, 2013

Juicing 2013

New Years is when I usually start feeling virtuous about my diet. Some years we have done a detox. This year I am rediscovering our juicer. First day off Christmas vacation and I made this green monster juice. I don't follow much of a recipe, I just throw in what we have in the kitchen. This batch was granny smith apples, carrots, grapes and spinach. Sounds weird, looks awful, but tastes great.

Williams-Sonoma read my mind and has a big promotion around juicing and juicers.

They even have a site with juice recipes, tips and a 30 juice plan!

UPDATE: Here is the juicer we bought - a Waring Pro. It is affordable, works great, and is easy to clean. We have now been using it for two years and it's still going!

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