Monday, February 17, 2014

Alex and Ani & Other Valentine's Gifts

Aaron surprised me with not one but three Alex and Ani bracelets for Valentine's Day. I have been following them on Instagram for awhile. I like how each bracelet has a charm that has meaning. And I like that they are made in the USA.

I was so excited to give Aaron this handcrafted six pack beer carrier. I had it customized with his name and then picked out bottles for in it that I thought had cute names or labels like "Smitten" and "Night Owl".

I also couldn't resist getting him these Boba Fett cutfflinks.


  1. I love Alex and Ani! Last year, my sister in law gave me the "sister" bracelet and I just love it! I think I need a couple more because I love how they jingle when worn together. I've also seen a lot of gals in the office mix and match the silver with the gold bracelets and they look nice together.

    1. They opened a store at the Culver Road Armory. I was surprised to get three... I was just hoping for one!

  2. those bracelets are great! think i need to hop on these - now!