Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Steel wool in an abandoned subway

We bundled up and joined some friends in the abandoned Rochester subway to take pictures.

I teased Aaron when I saw him put on his Carhartt overalls. When we got to the subway, he wasn't the only one wearing them. I was the one that didn't get the memo.

If you light steel wool in a whisk and spin it around, this is what you get.

It doesn't look like this when you are spinning but when you leave your camera shutter open for a long exposure you pick up the light trails. This is Aaron spinning for us.

For these shots we were standing on ice - a frozen spillway.

I thought I saw something moving under my feet - sure enough there were little fish and crayfish slowly, slooooowly moving around under the ice.

It started to get pretty cold, but it was totally worth it for this shot.

I even spun once. My arm was exhausted after one spin!

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