Thursday, May 14, 2015

Starbucks Mini Frappuccino

I love mini things so I about flipped my lid when I found out Starbucks had Mini Frappuccinos!

Limited time?! Noooo. They must stay forever.

This is how they shrink them down to the perfect mini size.

My new frap flavor of choice right now is s'mores by the way. I love the marshmallow.

Funny story. Frappuccino cookie straws. Aaron got each us one. I thought they were to be used like a straw. He said no way - too small. So I munched and crunched it like a cookie. Turns out frappuccino cookies straws are totally to be used as straws. I want a do-over.

So a Starbucks s'mores mini frappuccino with a cookie straw is pretty much a perfect summer drink.

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