Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Zinnias and the coolest bud vase

My mom found this cool glass bud vase for me. Actually it comes in two pieces and she found them separately at yard sales. There are 25 individual vases fused together into one display. I wonder if the owners broke the other piece or just didn't know there was more to the display?

Zinnia clippings from my garden look brilliant in the vase. This is the first year I have planted zinnias. I started them in my greenhouse in April and then transplanted them in the front yard. From what I can remember these were globe zinnias. I'd like to try dahlia zinnias next, as they get really big blooms.

They really took off and they are as tall as me now. Zinnias do well in the hot summer weather. I love how bright they are and in so many different colors. I'll definitely be planting these again next year. They tend to reseed themselves so it will be interesting to see if any come up on their own.

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