Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#rocfallfarmtour - Green Acre Farm and Nursery

For the next stop on our #rocfallfarmtour we were back to the west side at Green Acre Farm & Nursery. We were there this summer picking blueberries.

Let's review their fall offerings...

1. Cider - tasty.

Cider slush! Tastier! I wonder if I can get a slushie machine for in my kitchen?

2. Donuts - well fried cakes. They had lot of them.

And they had frosted ones! With sprinkles! Yesssss. *fist pump*

3. Pumpkins - they have plenty of pumpkins. And look at their cool teepee!

There are u-pick pumpkins too. You can pick them right from the pumpkin field.

4. Apples - Plenty of apples to choose from at the Latt Road market. If you are in the mood to pick them yourself, there is U-pick at their West Wind Farm on Manitou Road.

The market at Green Acre farm has a lot to check out. Fruits and veggies, jams and jellies, bird feeders, garden supplies and plants.

I am particularly excited about this party cracker seasoning. It's a party! With crackers!

You can also follow Green Acre Farm and Nursery on Facebook.

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