Sunday, November 29, 2015

#rocfallfarmtour for the holidays

I'm stretching out the #rocfallfarmtour into the holiday season. We didn't get a chance to vistit Bauman's Farm Market earlier, but now is a great time to visit as they are all decked out for Christmas.

They have an entire room of poinsettias.

They have lots of varieties and colors. I couldn't take one home as I have two cats that like to nibble on plants.

We bought brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving.

They have apples.

And other veggies... like these little honey nut squash.

And chestnuts... just in time for roasting on an open fire.

And oooooh they had frycakes too. I like the wax paper bags they come in.

Bauman's Farm Market on Facebook.

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