Monday, November 2, 2015

#rocfallfarmtour - Powers Farm Market

If you thought I had given up on my #rocfallfarmtour because Halloween is over, then you would be wrong. I've heard plenty of people mention Powers Farm Market but we had never been. Time to fix that.

Referring back to the list of #rocfallfarmtour must haves...

Cider - they don't make it there but they sell it

Donuts - a nice array. The sour cream glazed are tasty.

Pumpkins - Lots and lots of pumpkins

Apples - plenty of apples too

Inside there is a giant fireplace you can cozy up to. I bet it's nice here around Christmas-time.

Not only do they have apple cider slush but they have loganberry!

I think Powers is known for their giant corn stalk teepees.

Inside they have lots of carved pumpkins lit for display.

And other spooky stuff. Lots of fun for the kiddos.

My favorite part... the petting zoo. Well you couldn't pet the chickens. They only wanted food.

There were plenty of other critters to pet and feed though... a donkey, sheep, deer and goats.

I especially liked the three alpaca. I blew through quarters feeding these guys.

Some day I will have a farmette and my own petting zoo!

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