Saturday, September 30, 2000

Adventures in Babysitting

Today I am blogging from Joel and Lara's house. I am the sitter in charge of Miss Hannah. She actually doesn't know I am here yet because she is sleeping. I always feel kinda bad when she wakes up from her nap, her parents are gone and there I am. Surprise! I think if something like that ever happened to me I would be mighty upset.

She usually forgives me when we start playing. That is always good fun. I am rather excited at the prospect of her new (ARGGGHHH! wazzat?! oh... oh it's the kitty. He just jumped off the desk behind me. I didn't know he was there. Whew!) Ummmm where was I? Oh yeah, Hannah's got a new easel and doll house to play with. The doll house even has a tiny little vacuum and a tiny little picnic table. I can't wait!

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