Saturday, September 30, 2000

Hannah just went "night night". I am opposed to the phrase "put down" or "put to sleep". That just doesn't sound nice.

I figured once she got up from her nap I wouldn't be blogging again 'til she was back in bed. We were go, go, go. We tried out the easel and dollhouse. Collected acorns and outlined her feet on the driveway. Demolished a BBQ chicken pizza, and watched Mary Poppins. Hannah LOVES Mary Poppins. "Maaary, Maaaary, Maaary" the whole way through the credits 'til Julie Andrews made her appearance. She's a pumpk'n. Hannah that is, not Julie Andrews. (BAAAHHHHH! Guh! The cat again. I think he likes sneaking up on me.)

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