Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Ohhhh hah hah hah. Very interesting. I have been familiar with blogger and very interested in it since the begining of summer. Several popular blogs are visited everyday after lunch, during my post digestive lethargic haze. When I was in grad school I kept up my home page religously. I had digital artwork, my resume and some goofy stories. But after I graduated RIT saw fit to ignore my 5 digit financial investment and wiped out my page. Between that and sitting in front of a screen all day in corporate slavery... the thought of going home and maintaining a site did not appeal.

Ok and I was too cheap and lazy to get service and a domain. But today! Oh wonderful day! Pyra has launched this bit of genius so that I can now blather on to my hearts content. So now this may inspire me to start working on my online presence once again. Or at least keep me busy at work. hah

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