Wednesday, September 6, 2000

It's a brand new day.

Am I out of control? I have had the power of the blog for half an hour and have blogged twice. Thrice if you count that bit of eloquence at the begining. (I can see now that I will have to brush up on my grammer and spelling...ugghhh)

What have I been missing? So many things I could have written about this past year! Snowboarding (design conference in disquise) in Utah, three of my closest friends moving to opposite sides of the country, my new Beetle...scratching my new Beetle, Piglet's big holiday in London, things I was into (smoothies, striped socks) and what I thought about popular topics (Harry Potter, Survivor). Stuff I want to share with friends and fam... but probably really only matter to me. *snort* Well here we go.

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