Sunday, September 24, 2000

Yo, ho, ho...

I just got back from Tony's backyard pirate themed party. This is the first time I have skittered home in order to blog an event.

I had a good time. I hung out, jumped on the trampoline, ate a hotdog, tried Tina's potato chip garnished hamburger (it's the crunchy vrs. the meatiness that is appealing), posed for many pictures and did poorly in a bubble blowing contest.

In addition, my rice crispy treats were a success. I returned home without any of the extra thick treats I made for the occasion. Luckily I had left a few at home for me. Any good party food bringer knows they cannot be seen devouring the whole of whatever it is she brought.

It started to rain and we all crowded under the tent. With all the overenthusiastic trampoline jumpers in that tent we started to steam up like pork dumplings. That was my cue to leave. But a good party, all in all. Garrrrrrrr!

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