Sunday, December 10, 2000


I had filled up a sticky note with appointments for next year, so it was time to get Day Timer pages for the new year. Imagine my delight when I found seasonal pages for my datebook. Today I was happily loading the pages with snowflakes for winter months and popsicles for the summer months into la la... so cute... so happy. La la la. Then I go to write in the date for a conference in February. The dates are all wrong! What the...? Did Joel give me the wrong dates? Noooooo! I bought pages for the year 2000!!!!

Worthless! Utterly worthless! I was so mad. I was so mad I could swear. Like a sailor. Like Yosemite Sam. I could have strung a line of explicatives together that would make you blush. (this is to be noted, because as all my friends know I don't swear. I can go into that at another time.) But I didn't. I stomped around gnashing my teeth. I haven't been this mad since I spilled grapefruit juice in my handbag.

Maybe it's time for a handspring.

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