Thursday, January 18, 2001


After seeing the newly added cast of characters on the left, Tina sent me an email. Apparently she was not happy with her role as mere "coworker". She makes a good point. I did have some difficulty summing up each person in just a few words. Most of my friends are also my coworkers. And most of my coworkers are my friends. And actually most of the friends that weren't listed as coworkers were coworkers at one point. It's a circle. Chances are if you are a friend, I either worked with you or you are putting in an application right this very minute.

So please note that Tina and others are now coworkers/friends. Significant others of friends are also friends of equal friendliness, I just need to clarify somehow who is who. They were mostly all coworkers at one point also! *whew!*

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