Sunday, April 8, 2001


Today was a drizzly rainy Saturday. Aaron was pouting 'cause he wants to try out his new bike. I told him, fine...if you want to go splorshing through endless puddles, be my guest. More pouting resulted.

We went shopping instead. Purchase of the lieu of gardening weather I got a pair of lime green translucent garden clogs. Alright, I don't have a garden but they match my lime green polka dot pj bottoms perfectly so I can trounce around with them on before bedtime.

This evening Aaron and I went to dinner with Tina, Chuck, Abby and Matt. THEN we went to see the sneak preview of "Bridget Jones' Diary". Excellent! It strayed from the books ending, but excellent nonetheless.

Thanks to our lovely evening the otherwise soggy day was saved.

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