Monday, September 10, 2001

Here is a quick rundown of our weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Check Tina's blog later on for a review of all the celebrity spottings of the weekend.


"Novocaine" I think this was my favorite movie of the weekend. Just looking at Steve Martin makes me laugh. He plays such a good dentist (remember Little Shop of Horrors?) There is a scene that was the most gruesome, squeemish scene ever. I won't give it away but just think....DENTIST.

Banana Rebublic Bag I was plotting and planning to make my own Gromit Hand Bag like NotMartha, but when I was in the same room with an original Banana Republic specimen I found myself carrying an orange one to the checkout line. The girl in front of me had a green one. I asked her where she found a green one and she said "They are over there, and they are on sale! Go grab one!" I put back the orange one and I did.

Canadians are so nice! I tell myself I can use it as a pattern to make others for all my friends

At Last I finally got to fulfil my lifelong dream (ok yearlong dream) of having a Bubble Tea. I thought it was very tasty and the bubbles amusing. They seemed to annoy everyone else, but I like chewy squishy things.


Film Shorts:
"Jean Laliberte"- I have no idea what this movie was about. It used the shaky camera technique and it made me too sick to read the subtitles. It was Blair Witch Project and Dancer in the Dark all over again.
"Strange Invaders" -a very cool animation about a couple that become overwhelmed by an alien baby that falls from the sky. Classic line... the baby calls his new father "peanut".
"The Green"- something about women who picked earth worms and golfers. I didn't get it. "Sooitch"- a freaky movie about a morning after.
"I Shout Love" - this movie records a day and night that a newly separated couple spend together. The guy agrees to spend one more day with his ex, so she can video record them doing the things she liked best.

M.A.C. Between Lush where I stocked up on bath bombs and M.A.C. cosmetics favored by the stars I was in shopping heaven. I actually felt woozy in Ice, the cool little shop frequented by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Aaron and Tina talked me into getting a peacock blue eyeshadow at M.A.C. It's not something I would ever buy on my own.

"Prozac Nation" Movie synopsis... Girl's parents divorce. Girl's parents fight. Girl's parents fight over girl. Girl smokes five packs a day. Girl gets drunk. Girl does drugs. Girl sleeps around. Girl goes into therapy. Girl writes best selling novel. We are pleased to report that the real life Jason Biggs looks just as he does in movies. We also noticed that as long as you stand next to Christina Ricci, you will look tall.

Good/Bad Diner Late this evening after hanging out at Mad, we were a bit nibblish. At that hour, a tiny little diner was our only option. This diner will forever be known as the Good/Bad Diner. Chucks fish and chips and my General Tso's chicken was delish while Aaron and Tina's hamburgers tasted strangly like Swedish Meatballs (they should know...they could still taste it the next day) Maybe we shouldn't have tried a place that served both Chinese AND Canadian cuisine.

**Friday Night**

We got to Toronto just in time. We rushed to the box office where we were escorted to separate area as "out of towners", we got every movie we signed up for and then sprinted to the theatre. *huff puff*

"Sidewalks of New York" This was a good movie. I think. You see... Ed Burns intended this to be a "mockumentary" and therefore filmed it with the shaky camera technique. After half an hour I was nauseous and could no longer look at the screen. Thanks Ed.

"Thirteen Conversations About One Thing" Aaron felt this could have been Five Conversations About One Thing. I have to agree it did seem a bit long. The highlight of the film was when someone stood up and yelled "We need a doctor!". It was actually quite disturbing to me at the time, but later on we discovered on the front page of the Toronto Sun that is was actually Matthew McConaughy that rushed down to assist the woman that passed out. Tina and I secretly think it was pretty tricky that she managed to get the leading man to resustiate her.

During the movie we sat across the aisle from Alan Arkin and observed that he is a crotchety fellow, as he would not sign an autograph for a girl that approached him after the movie. We also learned that a woman throwing her purse down a whole row of seats into the seat you are standing in front of and about to sit in is apparently an acceptable way of claiming a seat in a theatre. *grrrrrrr*

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