Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Fence me in

With the warm weather my thoughts are turned to gardening. Years before all I had was a small balcony to work with. (If you have a small space to work with I have lots of advice)

Now I have a yard. A small yard, but a yard nonetheless. I have huge plans for my little yard. But before I plant a single flower... I need fence. I want to enclose the entire yard with a high fence. I want to be hidden away from the neighbors eyes. It will be a private little world.

All I can think about is fence. Everywhere I go I am looking at other peoples fence. There is ugly chain link on the right and back edge of my property. Aaron is going to build a plank and lattice private fence there. (like in Ugly Green Chair's gardening pics)

The left hand edge is more of a problem. My neighbor has chain link up on her property. And my driveway is snug up against it. There is no room to put posts for a wooden fence. I think I have a solution. Willow, reed or bamboo fence. Something so her dogs don't go crazy by seeing Ernie hopping around the yard, but not so thick as to encroach on neighborliness. Dog eared... shadow box... french gothic... fence is keeping me up at night.

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