Monday, February 24, 2003

Jeep Club

Since Aaron left I have been driving his Jeep instead of my VW Bug. First of all because the Jeep's four wheel drive fares better in the foul weather and secondly because my wee Bug doesn't want to get all yucky in the slushy snow. It is staying nice and cozy and clean in the garage.

The biggest thing I had to deal with driving the Jeep was not the zip up windows or needing a step ladder to crawl up into it. It was the waving. All Jeep Wrangler drivers wave at each other. I kid you not. When Aaron first started driving it, I thought he was a nut, waving to these strangers we passed on the road. Then I started paying attention. I realized some of them were waving at him first. I have had trouble with this whole waving business and flatly refused to participate. This afternoon, however, I managed to muster up a half hearted wave to a red Jeep waving enthusiatically at me across an intersection. Maybe Aaron won't get kicked out of the club after all.

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