Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I am now complete... almost

Today I got to see the Peep Fun Bus! Long time readers will remember my postings about wanting to see the Oscar Meyer Weinermoble, the Meow Mixmobile ,the Spammobile , the Hershey Kissmobile and the Pepperidge Farm Goldfishmobile.

Well, today Matt saw the Peep Fun Bus (I like to call it the Peepmobile) on his way to work. Knowing it was in town, I checked out the website, called the 800 number and tracked it down to Wegmans. Tina was good enough to go with me after work. I must say we didn't get to eat enough peeps, but it was still satisfying. Above is a pic of me with the Peepmobile and Tina actually ON the Peepmobile. Too exciting!

One down, five to go.

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