Friday, October 31, 2003

Trick or Treaters

I love getting Trick or Treaters. This year we had two hundred and twenty. I kept tally on a piece of paper. Thank goodness we had lots of candy. Last year we ran out and while Aaron was at the store I was ready to start handing out pudding packs and sticks of gum. Even though we had lots of candy, Aaron was sad to part with any of it. Oscar made a go of trying to snatch a few pieces too. (above pictures)

Besides keeping a count of trick or treaters, I write down the funny stuff they say... (looking in the candy bowl) "Ooooh, that's beautiful!", "Oh sweet! I like this place!", "Good reflexes!" (on my answering the door quickly), (inhaling the fog from my fog machine) "Mmmm that smells good.", little girl -"I like your house!", little sister with her echos - "I like your house."

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