Sunday, May 9, 2004

We had a bit of an accident at the House of Ljc. With the impending arrival of Destructo Boy Murphy, I was hiding away all tasty bits of chewables out of his reach. I put my lunch bags, oven mitts, hot pads and bag o' grocery bags in the oven. I warned Aaron over and over again... "If you use the oven, don't forget to take this stuff out first!" Well, I made an artichoke dip yesterday and guess what I did? I forgot to take the stuff out of the the oven.

I was at my computer when the melted plastic toxic fumes first hit me. I shushed the dogs outside, turned off the oven and picked stuff out with a pair of tongs. They went in the sink and got doused with water. I spent the next hour opening all windows, turning on all fans, and scraping gooey plastic off the bottom of the oven. I am still spraying the curtains with Febreeze.

Tina and I no longer have matching Hawaiian lunch bags. I need to call my grandma and have her make me another grocery bag holder. Perhaps I need to add oven mitts and hot pads to my wedding registry. *sigh* I am pleased with myself though... not at one point did I swear outloud or cry. And an interesting observation... those melted plastic bags are hard as a rock! (I spent a good deal of time at the sink poking at the charred remains with a chopstick)

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