Thursday, July 29, 2004

Aaron, Tina, Aprille and I went to the Party in the Park at the High Falls after work today. Very convenient as it was across the street from the office. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was playing, but I was especially excited to see Twin-A opening. I would say they are like... my second favorite band.

I felt bad because when they played, there weren't many people yet. (see above phone cam pic) That same area was shoulder to shoulder with people and swing dancers by the time BBVD made their appearance. Twin-A was great, BBVD was great... and the butter salt potatoes I ate were great too.


  1. I like your new links page. I love the different banners for each page.

  2. I love your blog but I have one complaint....when you talk about food I get some serious cravings. It's especially torture when I need to do some grocery shopping. ;)

  3. Planning on posting pics of the BBVD show, hopefully sometime today, but have to get them from someone else. Great time!:) And yummy salt potatoes, though they tended to jump off of my fork.