Monday, November 1, 2004

Ever come home from vacation to look at your pictures and discover some stranger blocking your perfectly framed picture of a sunset?

Now you can try to track down photo lurkers at I especially love this one of the guy edging in on these kids' group shot. Someone fessed up that it was their dad!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do. LOL I am always perturbed by people acting goofy on camera behind news reporters on location for television. Seemingly normal people turn into goofs in no time flat.

    BTW, I really love your fall banner. It's so well done and cheery. :O)


  2. My friend went to Canada last year, and she found out that alot of the older tourists from Japan feel that it's good luck to get into other people's vacation photos, and they try to get in as many as they can. I thought that was hilarious!

  3. I agree with disneymike...I LOVE your fall's soooo FUN!

  4. Just a side note, I just got the first edition of CHOW in the mail today. Its a new magazine about food and projects that are super fun. I thought you guys would enjoy it as well since we are all so crafty! Or try to be!! :0)

  5. That site is a riot! I love it! BTW, it's .net not .com. Your link works but it reads ".com".