Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Two new project pages... one for the 2004 Halloween party food and another for Halloween Lollipop Cozies I made for my fellow Sit & Knitters.

They are for keeping lollipops snug and comfy.


  1. Too cute! Thanks so much for sharing. Just wanted to show you my crafty BIL's dessert. Used Milano cookies for headstones. Thought it was an excellent idea.

  2. Cool! Is that "dirt" shredded chocolate?

  3. Cute! You could make some cute Christmas ones!

  4. I agree with you, felt is a great material, I just made some mummys in this material, you can check them out in my blog if you like. I get really inspired by your pages, specilly the Projecty Page - I return constantly to see your updates! Love the colors of your house (brave!) to.

    Keep it up, please! :-) Take care.