Friday, November 26, 2004

Now that it is after Thanksgiving I feel comfortable talking about Christmas stuff. I love Christmas music and there are three new CD's that have caught my eye.

Maybe This Christmas Tree: This is the third installment after Maybe This Christmas and Maybe This Christmas Too. I didn't think anything could top last year's Guster contribution, but I can't wait to hear Death Cab for Cuties "Baby Come Home" and Lisa Loeb's "Jingle Bells".

Music From the O.C. Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah : I have never watched O.C. but Ben Kweller, Jimmy Eat World and Leona Naess makes for an interesting Christmas CD.

Chris Isaak Christmas: Do I need to say more? Aaron is still sore about the time I went to see Chris Isaak in concert five years ago, got in the autograph line twice (I had to buy another cd for a friend!) and he said " Hey... you again. " and winked. He REMEMBERED ME. *sigh*


  1. hahaha...mike & i like to listen to chris issak's baja sessions and he never fails to ask me if i fancy chris issak. i tell him - "are you kidding? that gorgeous body, dashing look and breath-taking voice? what's not to fancy?!?!" mike never learns. you lucky girl, he actually remembered you. thanks for sharing, i'm definitely going to get this cd.

    stef [daxiang]

  2. Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to wait to hear Death Cab for Cuties "Baby Come Home" and Lisa Loeb's "Jingle Bells" you can simply go to and the songs will play in their entirety!

  3. hey jenny, i've been waiting for this post from you! haha, cuz i need fresh new christmas songs. i'm going to link to this post from my blog shortly. =)

  4. "Donde esta Santa Clause" is one of my favorites, especially with Brian yelling out the names of the reindeer... =)

  5. that chris isaak album is great!

  6. Lurker coming out of the shadows here.

    Been looking for some hip Christmas music - thanks for the rec! Also, the website that someone else mentioned is

    I love Chris Isaak - so yummy. Did you know that he and Margaret Cho dated for awhile? No lie! She's worked some of her experiences with him into her comedy routines - apparently not all flattering, but she has stated that he's a nice guy - just not what she imagined. Oh well, we can dream, can't we?

  7. that death cab baby please come home is awesome.
    i bought that album a few days ago and been listening ever since.
    i love xmas songs!

  8. This is what I need to get:the Crash Test Dummies. Their First Noel is just awesome.