Friday, December 10, 2004

Don't wait for New Years, make your confessions now at Come Clean. I already love Method, and they just keep getting better and better.


  1. After your post about the Method home cleaners a couple of months back, I decided to try them. I think I now have almost everything they make and I love them all. My favorite is the stainless steel cleaner. My cooktop and garbage can have never looked cleaner.

    I've now got about 4 other people hooked to their stuff!

  2. Ljc,

    How do you find these great tidbits of info about products and websites? Your site is one of my favorites!

    -la chica alta

  3. Well, this link was sent to me by my friend Aprille... she always finds interesting stuff online.

  4. I couldn't stop watching that screensaver! My favorite confession so far, "I use my boyfriend's electric toothbrush as a vibrator." Okaaay....