Monday, December 6, 2004

Those spammers... they are clever ones. I noticed an email in my in box from "Magdalena" with the subject line "Martha Stewart". Oooooo Martha! I opened it. It was for Canadian prescription drugs. (and I did not realized valium has a little heart cut out... cute! Ahh it's actually a "V" oh well)

I was highly disapointed. I looked at the subject line again and realized it said "Marta Stewart". Marta! Suckered! Next I will be getting emails for puq puppies and bummy rabbits.


  1. Heehee, it's a Vee for Valium. But I love that you view it as a cute little heart cutout. :) Cute post, thank you. ~Emma~

  2. Spams are really annoying. I received over one hundred of them as comments to my blog yesterday. Arrgh!

    Jemmy (sic), here's wishing you no more spams this holiday season! ;O)


  3. those sneaky so-and-so's!! did you see the fabulous gingerbread house cake in Martha's December issue? I'm thinking of giving it a try ...

  4. What, you've never heard of Marta Stewart, the famed Canadian pharmacist? Her prescription bottles are labeled in calligraphy, and you should try her hand-rolled suppositories. (Was that last one going a little too far? Alas, the double entendre continues...