Friday, August 12, 2005

I have a pez collection lined up around the top of my cubicle at work. I am showing you this shot of my Incredibles Pez... because I want to point out that they didn't make Violet! Why would they do that?

Occasionlly I glance up at them from my computer and frown at the obvious absence of the fifth member of the family. The mystery of it is becoming distracting.


  1. There is a Violet. She's just invisible. :) I wish they did have Violet as well as Edna Mode.

  2. What no Violet to put a shield over the family from falling objects!

  3. jenny,

    greetings from the city reliquary in williamsburg, brooklyn. one of our vice presidents, george ferrandi also collects pez.

    her collection was one of our many featured community collections, a rotating display where we spotlight unique things that people love and hoard!

    stop by and say hello next time you make it to nyc.

    anna barie
    secretary of communications

  4. hi jenny! i was also really annoyed by the lack of a violet pez! after rummaging through the pile of pezes in toysrus and hours of sitting under trees in deep contemplation, i finally realised that maybe they didn't make violet because her hair would get in the way of pez head opening and closing. lack of violet pez still angers me though.

    anyway awesome blog! you kick butt! :)

  5. I was going to say that sounds sexist, but I guess I can't, since they make Mom. But, it's still wrong.

  6. Yeah, I don't get the lack of Violet either, but since my DH collects PEZ (in crazy amounts, Egads!) I have learned a few things. Typically, PEZ Inc. releases PEZ in sets of four. Its rare that they diviate from this number. Just a tidbit for the ol' noggin.