Friday, December 16, 2005

I am sure you have heard me rave about The Ravioli Shop before. Right now they have a seasonal pumpkin ravioli. They recommended we make a brown butter and sage sauce for them. I had never had a butter sauce like that before and they were delicious!

We ate them on my snowman dishes which made it very festive. I actually have a whole other set of Debbie Mumm Snowman dishes and accessories that I dropped off at an eBay listing place. After several holidays I got tired of them. Hopefully someone out there is looking for hardly-used Debbie Mumm Snowman napkin holders, silverware, glasses, serving dishes and salt & pepper shakers. I have never used an eBay listing place before much less sold anything on eBay... so we'll see how that goes.


  1. those are DELICIOUS! i was a bit nervous to try them, but i too smothered them in the butter and sage sauce and it was soooo tasty!!! ravioli shop rules!

  2. i've been meaning to try that place! my newswriting professor last spring told me to check them out. i'll be sure to stop on by soon to get some tasty ravioli!

  3. maple cream sauce is also very good on pumkin ravoli's. you can use the left over maple cream sauce for french toast the next morning.