Saturday, January 21, 2006

We finally took down our Christmas tree. This is what I saw as I pulled out of my driveway today. So sad. It looks like our tree has been kicked out of the house and is leaning up against the light pole waiting for the bus.

Oh and what is that in our drive way? Aaron's newsed truck. He got it right before the holidays, but seeing as he has given up on his blog, no one knows about it. He is happy as a pig in poo... and yes... he still has the Jeep... and the scooter. Hmmffff.


  1. Oh you'll get to use the truck for lots of big purchases! And the truck and scooter are very sporty. Great for whizzing about.

  2. If the tree was up any longer you'd have to start hanging your Valentine's decorations on it :)