Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Office Mythbusters

Tina locked her keys in her car the other morning. (at this point she would want me to tell you that it wasn't her fault... her keychain lanyard got caught on something and pulled them out of her bag) Anyhoo... we were discussing it at lunch and Andy said he had heard that if someone had your spare key they could call you on your cell phone, press the unlock button while holding the key next to their phone and by you holding your cell phone up to your car, it would unlock.

We went from "No way!" to "Maybe?" to "It would be so cool!" Pace makers can be set by a tone played over the phone so why not? Imagine if you recorded it on your phone and you would always have a spare! I think I was operating not so much on how it could possibly work, but on how badly I wanted it to work.

So at lunch today we trooped out to the parking lot to test it. We tried it on Andy's truck and Shruti's VW. Nothing. It - so - does - not - work. We were crushed. And feeling a little silly we didn't look it up first. Myth. Myth. Myth. Busted.


  1. how sad, because that WOULD have been so cool.

  2. I love love Mythbusters. Too bad it didn't work:(

  3. I'd heard that for a while now and am a little bummed to see it isn't true.

  4. You know me so well, thank you for the caveat! That said, I am certainly not beyond locking my keys in the car with full fault and - if the cell phone thing did work - it would be my luck that my cell phone would be sitting on the seat next to my keys!

  5. seems to be a myth busting day.

    check out